Ankle & Foot Centers of America – Lewisburg Office – NOW OPEN!

Ankle & Foot Centers of America is thrilled to provide an additional location to better serve you!

Set on rolling hills, Lewisburg, Tennessee is an historic, small town located between the larger cities of Nashville and Huntsville. This beautiful community is surrounded by parks and natural areas offering opportunities for hiking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Don’t let foot or ankle pain keep you from enjoying the wonderful Lewisburg neighborhood!

Our Lewisburg podiatrists, Dr. Jamil Hossain & Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, provide all aspects of foot and ankle care to patients. Whether it is a minor ailment, such as ingrown toenails, or a condition requiring full reconstructive surgery, you can count on our unmatched knowledge and experience to put the problem to rest. Dr. Jamil Hossain & Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell look forward to continuing to serve the community of Lewisburg!

Ankle & Foot Centers of America – Tennessee
Lewisburg Office:

1080 N Ellington Pkwy
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone: (615) 814-0884
Fax: (615) 814-0056

About Ankle & Foot Centers of America 

The mission of Ankle & Foot Centers of America is to provide the highest level of podiatric care to every patient who enters their practice. For more information concerning any foot or ankle aliment, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hossain or Dr. Mitchell for further evaluation, please call our Lewisburg, TN office at 615-814-0885. Also, you can click HERE to make an appointment online now!

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