Learn about Broken Toes with Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, Our Tennessee Podiatrist

Learn about Broken Toes with Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, Our Tennessee Podiatrist

Did you know there are 14 toe bones per foot, which is 28 bones combined?  Toe bones make up 54% of all the bones in the foot which means there are many opportunities for injury.  Have you ever heard “there’s nothing you can do for a broken toe”?  We at Ankle and Foot Centers of America have heard this fable for many years and it is time to put it to an end!

While most broken toes do not lead to long term debilitating issues it is important to make sure the bone is set properly.  X-rays are an important tool to determine if the fracture is displaced and needs to be set.  Occasionally, the broken toes need to be stabilized with a pin or screw.  Broken toes can also occur at the site of an attachment of a ligament or tendon, which can cause long term issues and deformity if not treated properly.

The rule of thumb for broken toes is if the toe looks normal cosmetically, then it is probably acceptable to splint the toe (buddy splinting) or utilizing a fracture boot or fracture sandal for an average of 4 weeks.  It the toe does not look normal, then it needs to be evaluated by a physician.  Below is an example of a toe that did not look normal and need to be straightened under local anesthesia in the office by one of our physicians.

Here is the toe upon presentation.  You can see the 4th toe is crooked.

Here is the toe bandaged and splinted after setting the fracture in the 4th toe.

Here are before and after x-rays of the 4th toe pre-and post-reduction of the fracture.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding a possible broken toe or any other foot or ankle pain, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell for further evaluation.

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